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:: Software/Data Quality Tools
From a variety of online products to our desktop software, DMWData’s products make processing run smoothly for you.
:: Hosted Solutions
DMWData can serve as your provider for integrated Database & Direct Marketing services to meet your database & revenue needs.
:: Data Enrichment
Gain better knowledge or reach your most valuable customers and prospects and increase your organization's profit potential.
:: Consulting
DMWData can provide a variety of consultative solutions to provide the results your company needs
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DMWData is pleased to feature online products that provide you with the same capabilities as if you had data processing programming and production resources right in house – but spare you the escalating expenses of staff and software purchases.

From DP Online to Net_CRM, DMWData has your needs covered!

Just access the products via a web interface to enter the processing needed. Simply fill in answers to specific questions or enter the pertinent information for your project and perform the quality control, quickly and easily by yourself.

You’ll utilize user-friendly selection areas, drop downs, buttons and user entered information areas to accomplish each data processing task. And there’s always convenient LIVE HELP, available on- or off- line!