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:: Software/Data Quality Tools
From a variety of online products to our desktop software, DMWData’s products make processing run smoothly for you.
:: Hosted Solutions
DMWData can serve as your provider for integrated Database & Direct Marketing services to meet your database & revenue needs.
:: Data Enrichment
Gain better knowledge or reach your most valuable customers and prospects and increase your organization's profit potential.
:: Consulting
DMWData can provide a variety of consultative solutions to provide the results your company needs
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DMWData features centralized information technology management (computing, communication, data storage, and data retrieval resources) required to meet both client and our internal needs in a secure Digital SSL 128-bit Encrypted environment.

The processing environment enables authorized access to databases anytime, from virtually anywhere. We accomplish this by offering the tools and techniques needed for effective and efficient database access and management, and by providing a secure and reliable facility. Our core technology is based on proprietary software along with commercially available software to store, process, access, and secure system activity. Clients access our centralized solutions for database and campaign management by utilizing an online secure web connection.

We have extensive experience in developing and deploying open systems, marketing database platforms, and in a variety of different hardware, software, and database management system platforms.

Platforms currently managed & hosted in our data management facility:

We feature over 10 Windows NT servers containing in excess of 15 processors and over 1 TB of storage housing various applications including databases, data processing platforms, and websites. Additionally, we have 2 Unix systems for database, data processing and administration.

The DMWData Technology Toolset:

  FirstLogic Professional Software Suite


DMWData's Professional Tool Suite

Other misc. tools